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Pay per Click (PPC) Reporting Best Practices

Elements that go into good PPC reporting: Free PDF Guide

Best Practices for Pay Per Click Reporting

Good PPC reporting is time consuming; daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports demand continuity and
scalability in order to produce results and grow bottom lines. Because of the pressure to serve more clients with existing staff, many agencies either don’t provide reports or provide reports that are long on data and short on insight. After all, data in and of itself is not useful. Interpreting what data means so that brand marketers can make better business decisions is what creates value.

Great Pay Per Click reporting does the following:

Creates measurability. Digital marketing is trackable and accountable.
Tracks performance. Metrics and measurability show context and growth.
Enables Data Analysis. Data analysis is a point of connection with teams, peers, reports and clients.
Builds relationships. Skilled reporting opens the door to longer-term planning and increases the value
of the agency to the lives of clients and their enterprises.

This E-book looks at the elements that go into Good Pay Per Click Reporting Best Practices. It is divided into three parts:

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Variables to Factor into the Decision of Creating and Managing PPC

PPC Marketing Still a Cost Efective Tactic in 2009

From Mediawhizsearch.com a Free PDF document 4 pages long but very interesting. The main topic of this document is to alert marketing managers to all the variables that should be factored into the decision on how best to have PPC programs created and managed: Technology, keyword generation and selection, quality score, targeting and reach, labor resources and training, conversions.

Some questions to ask about your PPC marketing program suggested in the document:

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Free 40 page Guide to Google AdWords 2009

Catch up with the latest thinking on Google AdWords By Andrew Goodman

Free 40 page, PDF Guide to Google Adwords by Andrew Goodman: “Google Adwords: A Brave New World“. Starting right with AdWords is vital to succeed, don’t waste time and money, get it right from the beginning, you’ll find great tips on this PDF guide.

Andrew Goodman is the founder and Principal of Page Zero Media, a consulting firm, based in Toronto, Canada, that provides search engine marketing services and strategic advice to companies seeking an online presence…

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Internet Marketing PDF E-Book – By Marketing Pilgrim

Improving Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Optimization.

Internet Marketing PDF GuideFrom Marketing Pilgrim a free PDF Guide on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). It is an up to date collection of marketing articles about strategies and tactics used by remarkable Internet Marketers who participated on Marketing Pilgrim’s Scholarship Contest in the spring of 2007.

Marketing Pilgrim is one of the most outstanding Blogs from Andy Beal, a Blogging and Search Engine Marketing Consultant, who is considered one of the world’s most respected online marketing experts.

I have been busy last few days reading “The Marketing Pilgrim Essays”, it’s really a great, up to date guide for us in the process of learning Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

The topics of the E-book, so you’ll have an idea of its great value, are:

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Basic Guide for SEO Beginners

I have seen quite a few posts lately related to Pay Per Click, so I thought it was important to write about a few basic seo practices for beginners to have in mind when thinking of starting a Pay Per Click Campaign.

The first time I got into PPC was last year when my boss told me we needed to start running a PPC Campaign for a couple new websites, he asked me if I new about it, I of course told him… yes; sure, I know how to do it.

So right after I started to look for information about PPC and found out that it was a way of doing advertising for a Website, through PPC Search Engines, whom will do the marketing for you, some of them are: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Ad Center, Miva, Goclick, 7Search, etc.

In order to get clicks from a PPC search engine, you are supposed to register a PPC account with the chosen SE, set keywords to bid for, and manage your PPC account on a regular basis.

Here are some of my recommendations:

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