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I’m Going to SMX Advanced 2009 in Seattle Washington

I’m attending SMX AdvancedToday I’m really excited, I’m going to SMX Advanced 2009 in Seattle, Washington, June 2, 3, and 4. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while, I’ll be able to meet some of the big SEO/SEM gurus: Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, Rand Fishkin, and many more.

SMX Advanced sessions cover today’s hot button search engine marketing issues, with tracks focused on paid search advertising (PPC), search engine optimization, social media marketing and search marketing company business issues. Sessions include:

* Mythbusting PPC Urban Legends
* Twitter Tactics & Search Marketing
* Google Quality Score, Under the Microscope
* Duplicate Content Solutions & The Canonical Tag
* Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me – A Broad Match? Exact Match? Negative Match?

I’ll be sharing information related to the event on my blog… so stick around.

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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Books

SEO Book

SEO Book Store

We have a Book Store at SEO Practices Blog now! We thought of sharing the best books we read related to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, books every Search Marketer should read.

You won’t find this information at any forums or blog posts, that’s why we wanted to have this online Book Store, you’ll be surprised about the great information you can get of each reading. If you are a creative SEO/SEM and like to keep up to date with the latest trends on the subject, you must read these books. Some of them are:

“Don’t Make me think”, a Usability book from Steve Krug, it shows you how to put yourself in the position of the person who uses your site. If you design, write, program, own, or manage Web sites, you must read this book.

“The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson. He offers a visionary look at the future of business and common culture. The long-tail phenomenon, he argues, will “re-shape our understanding of what people actually want to watch” (or buy, read, etc.).

Go on and check the rest of our recommended books and reviews at our SEO Book Store here at seo practices blog.

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HTML E-mail: Designing, Coding and Delivering

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML E-mail for Marketing: Free PDF Guide.

Email MarketingEmail marketing refers to the use of email in marketing communications. It’s a very important marketing tool, that if used the proper way, can get you great results on your online business.

Email Marketing has been used as a way of promoting businesses for quite a while, it has evolved throughout time though, and there are new techniques involved in the process.

In its broadest sense, e-mail marketing covers every email you ever send to a customer, potential customer or public venue. In general, though, it’s used to refer to:

-Sending direct promotional emails to try and acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again.

-Sending emails designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship.

-Placing your marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people

I have been really busy with my work, studying, taking online courses, reading, etc…, trying to keep up with the latest changes and techniques used for SEO/SEM.

I found a great PDF guide about e-mail marketing, it’s a beginner’s guide to designing, coding and delivering HTML Email. It covers the following topics:

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Internet Marketing PDF E-Book – By Marketing Pilgrim

Improving Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Optimization.

Internet Marketing PDF GuideFrom Marketing Pilgrim a free PDF Guide on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). It is an up to date collection of marketing articles about strategies and tactics used by remarkable Internet Marketers who participated on Marketing Pilgrim’s Scholarship Contest in the spring of 2007.

Marketing Pilgrim is one of the most outstanding Blogs from Andy Beal, a Blogging and Search Engine Marketing Consultant, who is considered one of the world’s most respected online marketing experts.

I have been busy last few days reading “The Marketing Pilgrim Essays”, it’s really a great, up to date guide for us in the process of learning Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

The topics of the E-book, so you’ll have an idea of its great value, are:

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