Link Building Tips for 2010

Content continues to be the king when promoting a Website through link building

Building Links in 2010

“I have found that link building and content creation is much easier when you are passionate about the subject and have enough knowledge in the field to consistently create original content.” This article full of tips was Written by Danny Dover.

Link building is always a hot topic because it is really what makes an SEO campaign work. Find bellow some tips on building links for 2.010:

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* It is well worth the time to write great content as opposed to lots of decent content. The best articles are the ones that attract most links and land on good websites.

* If you figure out something cool or unique, write about it and keep the content on your site and create a buzz using social media. Links will surely come.

* Write content for your own site first. You will get the links pointing back at your site for having the original content.

* Syndicate your RSS feed, not your article content. Instead of publishing your duplicate content everywhere, keep the content on your site and ping services like technorati, twitter, facebook, and anywhere you can publish your site’s feed. Get visitors on your site and then give them an opportunity to bookmark or share your content via social media.

* Quality directories are still valid. you can have a good success from getting listed in the top human-edited directories, especially local and regional ones. Avoid the free-for-all sites and focus on the ones that add value to users.

* Guest Blogging is a new hot-topic which is also worth doing. Finding relevant websites to post content to is a good way to get quality inbound links and brand awareness. In many cases, you can get content for your site as well if you establish a good partnership with a complementary website or blog.

* Reciprocal links are not all bad. It is natural for complementary websites to link to one another, so the emphasis is on relevance. You can exchange links with relevant and complementary websites, but not with just any site. You want to make sure you are linking to reputable websites too.

* Don’t Spam. Search engines (like Google) mostly update their algorithms to do one of two things: to increase the relevance of the search results and to battle spam in their index. If you keep things relevant and avoid spam tactics, your rankings should remain intact as long as their isn’t a fundamental shift in how websites and pages are ranked.

* Use Q&A Sites like Yahoo Answers,, Wikianswers, Linkedin, etc., to promote yourself and your content.

* Set up Google alerts for topics you are interested on and participate on those conversations.

* Get the experts (your clients) to write the content with our guidance. determine a unique set of keywords we are tarketing, we will give them a list of topics covering the keyword range.

So content continues to be the king when promoting a Website through link building. Great content will make the link building task much much easier.

Please feel free to share your tips on link building.

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