Pay per Click (PPC) Reporting Best Practices

Elements that go into good PPC reporting: Free PDF Guide

Best Practices for Pay Per Click Reporting

Good PPC reporting is time consuming; daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports demand continuity and
scalability in order to produce results and grow bottom lines. Because of the pressure to serve more clients with existing staff, many agencies either don’t provide reports or provide reports that are long on data and short on insight. After all, data in and of itself is not useful. Interpreting what data means so that brand marketers can make better business decisions is what creates value.

Great Pay Per Click reporting does the following:

Creates measurability. Digital marketing is trackable and accountable.
Tracks performance. Metrics and measurability show context and growth.
Enables Data Analysis. Data analysis is a point of connection with teams, peers, reports and clients.
Builds relationships. Skilled reporting opens the door to longer-term planning and increases the value
of the agency to the lives of clients and their enterprises.

This E-book looks at the elements that go into Good Pay Per Click Reporting Best Practices. It is divided into three parts:

Download Good Pay Per Click Reporting Best Practices PDF Guide

Part I presents seven best practices in PPC reporting to help SEM agency executives increase their analytic skills and reporting effectiveness

Part II offers some tips for improving your Excel skills

Part III provides a case study of the Adwords Keyword Report that explains how to optimize report data to improve client account performance.

Drawn from articles and columns in Search Engine Land, as well as SMN Webcasts and SMX Theater presentations, “Best Practices in PPC Reporting” will help you become more efficient — and more effective — in your PPC reporting skills: A Search Marketing Now Ebook

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