The Google Caffeine Effect

Google Caffeine New Search Indexing System is Live

The Google Caffeine Effect

Google has officially announced today (June 8th 2010) the completion of their new web indexing system called CAFFEINE.

Caffeine is a revamp of Google´s indexing infrastructure and not a change in Google´s ranking algorithms. It is live across all data centers, regions and languages.

So what are the effects of Caffeine:

1. Content is available more quickly, which means they will be indexing and displaying new content published on the web almost instantaneously.

2. Google´s storage capacity has increased because of the way the web is growing today, certainly much faster than anyone could have imagined back when Google first launched.

3. Gives Google more flexibility in storing information. The new Caffeine system provides more flexibility in the type of details that can be stored with a document.

As Matt Cutts mentioned to Vanessa Fox: “What´s exciting about Caffeine though is that it allows easier annotation of the information stored with documents, and subsequently can unlock the potential of better ranking in the future with those additional signals”

And this is not over yet, Google has built Caffeine with the future in mind…watch out for more and more changes in the months to come.

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