Variables to Factor into the Decision of Creating and Managing PPC

PPC Marketing Still a Cost Efective Tactic in 2009

From a Free PDF document 4 pages long but very interesting. The main topic of this document is to alert marketing managers to all the variables that should be factored into the decision on how best to have PPC programs created and managed: Technology, keyword generation and selection, quality score, targeting and reach, labor resources and training, conversions.

Some questions to ask about your PPC marketing program suggested in the document:

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-Do you have the technological tools in place to efficiently manage across the three major search engine platforms centrally?
-Do you have the resources to efficiently & dynamically create huge volumes of ‘tail’ keywords
which tap into lower cost, higher converting terms?
-Do you understand Quality Score and its impact on PPC campaigns?
-How are your landing pages helping/hindering our Quality Score?
-Do you know how to eciently segment and target our audience?
-Are your employees being trained in the latest emerging best practices?
-How are you tracking conversions?

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